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Realtime HubSpot sales dashboard integration guide

First, HubSpot is a great CRM to start with, both for the user and for management, making it easy to get a dashboard up and running in a matter of minutes. Here is our short guide on how to get yours up and running in minutes.

First, sign up for an account
Or install it straight from the app marketplace

If you choose to register from our website, head over to the integrations tab and press connect on the HubSpot connector, and just authenticate yourself with HubSpot credentials. It should now appear as active under active integrations.

If you installed it through the marketplace, the HubSpot integration should already be active.

You can now create your first dashboard. So head over to the dashboard tab.

Select a name for your dashboard to remember what it’s for. Many of our users have several dashboards for different purposes. Then follow all the configurations and hit save. After that, the dashboard can be displayed by pressing the view dashboard button or the dashboard's title.

The dashboard is live and will pull data every 5 minutes from your HubSpot CRM system. To get it on a TV, it will run in any browser, so any old PC, Mac, Raspberry pi, or even a google Chromecast will do the trick to display the dashboard in your office.

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