Careers at Salytix

Salytix is a fully remote company with collegues from all around the world. Because talent are everywhere, and freedom is in our DNA. If this very little smal caption sounds like it's something that could fit you. Just keep reading.

Life at Salytix

At Salytix, we believe that people have the inherent motivation to be better, learn from others, and have the freedom to pursue their goals. We understand that your career is a significant part of your life and strive to create a friendly, creative, and enjoyable work environment.

If you're interested in joining our team, we don't have traditional job openings like your probalby used to. Instead, we want to hear from you about how you believe you can contribute to our company. Simply fill out your name, email, and a message outlining what you can bring to the table, and we'll take it from there.

We're excited to learn more about you and how you can help us achieve our mission of helping sales teams work together as a team by making results transparent and accessible to everyone. So don't hesitate, apply now and let's see what we can achieve together!

Looking forward hearing from you!