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Creating Effective Teams by Susan A. Wheelan applied in Sales

Susan A. Wheelan is a well-known author and consultant who has written extensively on the topic of highly effective teams. In her work, she outlines several key insights that contribute to the success of teams.

Here are some of the key insights from Wheelan's work on highly effective teams and how they can be applied to sales:

  1. 1. Clear Goals and Expectations: Teams that have clear goals and expectations are more likely to achieve their objectives. This includes setting specific, measurable, and achievable targets, as well as defining each team member's role and responsibilities. In sales, clear goals and expectations can help sales representatives understand what is expected of them and work more effectively towards meeting their targets.

  2. 2. Open Communication: Teams that have open and honest communication are more likely to build trust among team members and improve collaboration and teamwork. Team members should be able to express their thoughts and opinions freely, without fear of judgment or retribution. In sales, open communication can help foster stronger relationships with prospects and customers, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

  3. 3. Shared Leadership: Teams that have shared leadership, where power and decision-making responsibilities are distributed among all team members, are more likely to foster a sense of ownership and commitment among team members, leading to increased engagement and productivity. In sales, shared leadership can help create a sense of teamwork and collaboration, leading to better sales results.

  4. 4. Focus on Results: Teams that are results-oriented are more likely to achieve their goals and make a tangible impact. By focusing on results, teams are able to stay motivated and engaged, and can continually evaluate their progress and make improvements where needed. In sales, focusing on results can help sales representatives stay motivated and focused, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Wheelan's work provides valuable insights into what makes a team highly effective. By focusing on clear goals and expectations, open communication, shared leadership, and a focus on results, sales teams can work together more effectively and achieve their goals, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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